Creed Bratton’s music career kicked off when he became a member of a legendary rock band The Grass Roots. As a lead guitarist, songwriter and lead singer he performed on four albums before he left the group in 1970. At the time the band was very popular with three of those albums charted. Bratton played on “Where Were You When I Needed You,” “Let’s Live for Today,” “Feelings,” “Lovin’ Things.” With the coming of a new century Creed returned with a new album, starting his solo career. In 2001 he released “Chasin’ the Ball” and “The 80’s.” Another album, called “Coarsegold,” was available in 2002. Later we got “Creed Bratton,” “Tell Me About It,” “Bounce Back,” “Demo,” “While The Young Punks Die,” and most recently, in 2020, “Slightly Altered.”